Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I dare you to have fun today! 

Birdman Continues To Give Back

For the past 19 years, Birdman has given hope to various families from his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Birdman, along with his team, has given out over 50,000 turkeys since he started his annual giveaway. 


Thursday, October 30, 2014

My thoughts on Tha Carter V Pushback...

Look, it's obvious that Lil Wayne is a very busy man...he is also a father and had other business endeavors.

So what's up with all the backlash for him pushing Tha Carer V back?

Here is one such video from a "fan" that I ran across...

It saddens me that this guy is a fan yet he can't respect the fact that Lil Wayne doesn't just want to rush his project...the only thing that is guaranteed in the music industry is what if we had a set date and it changed...real fans will accept it and continue to anticipate the release date. I even had people on my fan site saying that they were going to just bootleg it when it comes out because of the push back...what kind of since is that? If you support piracy then you don't support #YMCMB at all! 

if you watch the video, you will see that he claims Lil Wayne is skating too much and should focus on making music...Wayne is a legend...he is self motivated! He does not need advice from anyone on how to be successful. If you also watch Lil Wayne's PSA on why Tha Cater V is late...he does admit to skating quite a bit...however he obviously is working with the recent amount of hits and features he has been dropping on us! 

I'm trying to figure out if the guy in that video is serious...let me refresh your memory fans...

Weezy works...constantly...I have heard celebrities refer to him as 
on of the hardest working people in the music industry. 
The picture above is on Weezy working in a mobile studio in his hotel room...

The simple fact that he has a twp part album for Tha Cater V says a lot...

He has recorded SOOOO many songs...meaning he yes...he skates
But he makes hit records more than he does anything...


2015 Promo Tour

I can't wait til the promo tour next year!
 We're gonna be traveling & handing out money & free #YMCMB gear! 


We're giving it all away FREE! 

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And don't forget the MULA!  

Stay Tuned...We are going to:

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Pink Print New Release Date!

Looks like we'll be getting it on December 15th!

Get your family and friends the gift of the music
 from the Queen of Hip Hip this Christmas! 

3 out of every 4 Americans got me fucked up...

Why do I say this? Cause it seems like the majority of people want to tell you how to live your life...I'm not having that...this is my go and live yours...sop trying to control me and what I do...that's what you are supposed to be doing for your own life. 

I made this website and I can post whatever I please on MY site. 

That's another reason why I rep so hard for #YMCMB

Because they do what they wanna matter what!

I don't live for you...I live for me!

Young Mula Baby!