Thursday, November 27, 2014

Peep Tyga Giving Back!

Tyga gave back to the community at the 
LA Mission this Thanksgiving!

Lazy Rappers Disgust Me!

How are you grinding and putting in work when all you do is smoke weed all day? 
First off I can't get you a deal with #YMCMB so ya'll better stop asking me that!
But if I could, why would I when all your pics look like this online?
These lazy internet rappers need to take notes on Birdman and Slim!
Before the internet they had to hit the streets and promote DAILY!
I bet they were not sitting around expecting other people to put them on! 
You wanna record deal?
Get off your butt and make it happen! 

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving niggas lol

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Move In Silence!

Ever notice how you can tell somebody something 
and you can sense a little jealously from them?

When you are making boss moves it's best to move in silence until you get there because
everybody ain't happy for you! They may pretend and smile in your face, but some will even
go as far as to try to keep whatever it is you told them was about to happen from happening!
They say keep your enemies closer but I say keep your mouth closed and stay far away from negative and jealous people. Why am I saying this? I have been VERY quiet about things that have been happening to me and I have noticed that when I keep quiet my dreams actually come true! Most people are mad when you start to advance in life! 

Don't let them stop your dreams from coming true! 
Keep quiet and keep calm! 


Gangstas move like the G in lasagna! -Lil Wayne

If you don't get that quote just think about it lol shout out to my homie Ray Daniels for 
showing me how slow I was for not getting that for years lol 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We just hit 100,000 views!!!! Thank you guys!

That's a lot to me considering I am only doing this part time and it is just a hobby and I spend ZERO on promotion lol. Thanks to Derrick and the #YMCMB fans that keep us going! #Salute 

I'm just a Black girl from Dallas tryna make it! 
D-Town what up! :)